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Know Your Rights

June 26, 2018

Know Your Rights The arrested or detained person must enjoy the following rights You have the right: To be informed immediately of the grounds of arrest. To be released immediately if the investigations remove any suspicion that an offence had been committed. To be released on the police bail if the offence is a bailable offence. To be permitted to inform a friend or relative of arrest, and the intended place of detection. To access a telephone upon arrival at the Police Station. To meet and consult with a lawyer of his/her own choice. Not to be tortured, assaulted, humiliated or treated in an inhumane or degrading manner. Not to be interrogated in the abscence of your lawyer. To be held in a hygenic and humane place of detention. To be released unless taken to court within 48 hours of arrest. To inform the Court of any assault or torture by the police, or by other persons while accused was in custody of the police at his/her first appearance in court.   If you feel your rights have been infrindged, contact your lawyer Contact us any time with any questions and set up an appointment with our lawyers for full legal advice. Call us on 04 752870

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