Labour Rights

What you need to know

You have the right:

  1. To have a contract of employment and to a fair renumeration.
  2. To receive your salary as and when it becomes due.
  3. To receive all your contractual benefits and the right to annual leave.
  4. To fair and equal treatment given to other employees.
  5. Not to be subjected to sexual or any form of harassment either by the employer or fellow employees.
  6. To join a trade union of your own choice and participate in its activities.
  7. To collective bargaining and the right to strike.
  8. Not to be unfairly dismissed.
  9. Not to be dismissed without hearing.
  10. To be heard and make presentations before being dsmissed.
  11. To a hearing before an impartial and not biased disciplinary committee.
  12. To the right to receive your terminal benefits.
  13. In terms of retrenchment, the right to receive your retrenchment package in terms of law.


If you feel your rights have been infrindged, contact your lawyer

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