Migrating to Zimbabwe

Checklists for Temporary Employment and Temporary Residence Permits


Statutory Requirements

  1. Complete Residence Application
  2. Temporary Employment Permit Application
  3. Letter of Offer of Employment stating salary and other conditions, addressed to the Principal Director of Immigration
  4. Curriculum Vitae
  5. Copies of academic and professional qualification certificates
  6. Birth Certificates/Passport Page (Bio data), and Immigration stamped page
  7. 2 x Passport Size Photos
  8. Chest X-ray
  9. Statutory fee of US$500.00
  10. Advert in local paper
  11. CVs of two other shortlisted candidates and their contact details
  12. Police Clearance

For Temporary Employment Permit Renewal

  1. Letter of Application
  2. Copy of expiring permit
  3. Details of persons doing understudy on letter head of company including contact details
  4. List of Foreign employees in the company (Full names; Nationalities; Occupation; specify if new applicaton or extension)
  5. List of local employees (Full names; National IDs; Occupation; Contact details; Signature)

For more on the legal side of immigration

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