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Our firm is famous for fearlessly protecting the Constitution and championing human rights since its formation, earning the courageous lawyers numerous awards between them. We have always and continue to specialise in helping our clients seek justice in every kind of case about fundamental rights and freedoms with some measure of success.

Apart from helping individuals with advice and litigation, we work proactively, together with like-minded individuals and groups, to prevent human rights problems arising in the first place. We advise organisations that are concerned about infringements of their own human rights, or that are seeking to ensure they comply with the highest level of human rights standards in their own work. We also support activists, pressure groups and unions, where their human rights are threatened.

Corporates are also becoming conscious about human rights thanks to the United Nations Guidelines on Business and Human Rights {the John Ruggie Principles), enjoining them to prevent, address and remedy human rights abuses committed in business operations. We conduct human rights due diligence for corporates and institutions to ensure that their business operations commit to respecting and preventing human rights abuses from occurring, in line with the Ruggie Principles. We help corporates develop Human Rights Policies and Statements in line with the UN Guidelines

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Human Rights litigation
  • Human Rights lobby and advocacy
  • Constitutional law litigation
  • Human rights due diligence for corporates and other institutions
  • Developing Human Rights Policy and Statements for corporates in line with the UN Guidelines
  • Land Rights