At Mbidzo, Muchadehama & Makoni Legal Practitioners we offer a variety of services in many practice areas including the following:


Our commercial and corporate law team provides quality legal services to our corporate clients throughout all economic sectors. The individual experience of each of our corporate lawyers, combining industry knowledge with exceptional legal skills, allows us to advise the clients on highly focused corporate law matters efficiently and effectively, and in a cost effective manner enabling our clients to achieve their business objectives.

Our team supports corporate management, boards of directors and board committees on a wide variety of corporate governance matters, including corporate responsibility, directorial duties, legal compliance and corporate due diligence.

Our corporate law team has the capacity and experience to attend to the following:

  • Corporate due diligence
  • Corporate and Project Finance
  • Transactional Advisory Services
  • Disposal and acquisition of business and other assets
  • General Commercial contracts and negotiations
  • Capitalisation and rights issues
  • Private Equity Transactions
  • Joint Ventures
  • Debt Recoveries
  • International Trade
  • Management buy-outs
  • Formation of Companies
  • Compliance laws, including Corporate Governance requirements
  • Advice on the listing and other requirements of the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange
  • Property acquisition and developments
  • Employee and Directors Share Incentive Schemes
  • Sports and Entertainment law
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Taxation Laws


Our team, advises creditors, including banks and other financial investors, insolvency practitioners, corporate debtors and their directors/officers on corporate rescue, restructuring and insolvency matters.

Our advice includes debt restructuring and rescheduling, equity capital raising and restructuring of financially distressed companies and creditors, insolvency litigation, distressed creditor and equity investments, and formal insolvency proceedings.


The Insurance law attorneys at MMM handle the full range of insurance matters, from the routine to the most complex including:

Coverage Opinions.

As with any contract, the provisions in insurance policies are often subject to interpretation. When a claim is submitted, questions may arise as to the extent of cover available under a particular policy. Our insurance experts assist insurance companies in assessing their liability and making determinations on the limits of cover under various types of insurance policies.

Litigation Services.

At times, insurance coverage issues may not be resolved without litigation. We provide services in a variety of litigation situations which may arise including:

Third-party claims. We are hired to defend an insured when a claim is brought by a third-party against an insurance company’s insured and the insurance company is obligated to provide the insured with a defence.

First-party (Insured) claims. We have experience defending insurers when an insured challenges the insurance company’s decision to deny his/her claim or the valuation of the claim by bringing a claim for breach of contract or a claim of bad faith against the insurer.

Declaratory orders. We assist insurers in bringing actions seeking declaratory orders when the insurer wishes to have its obligations under the insurance policy determined by the court.

Subrogation actions. When an insured’s claim is paid and a third-party is liable, we assist insurers in recovering from the responsible third-party the amount paid to the insured.

Untraced drivers. There are numerous hit-and- run accidents. Victims do not know they have can be compensated. We assist victims of hit-and- run accidents recover under the applicable laws.

Expert Advice.

We provide expertise regarding a variety of policies including:

  • Life, health, accident and property claims
  • No-fault insurance
  • Errors and omissions coverage
  • Professional liability defence
  • Fidelity bonds


Our firm is famous for fearlessly protecting the Constitution and championing human rights since its formation, earning the courageous lawyers numerous awards between them. We have always and continue to specialise in helping our clients seek justice in every kind of case about fundamental rights and freedoms with some measure of success.

Apart from helping individuals with advice and litigation, we work proactively, together with like-minded individuals and groups, to prevent human rights problems arising in the first place. We advise organisations that are concerned about infringements of their own human rights, or that are seeking to ensure they comply with the highest level of human rights standards in their own work. We also support activists, pressure groups and unions, where their human rights are threatened.

Corporates are also becoming conscious about human rights thanks to the United Nations Guidelines on Business and Human Rights {the John Ruggie Principles), enjoining them to prevent, address and remedy human rights abuses committed in business operations. We conduct human rights due diligence for corporates and institutions to ensure that their business operations commit to respecting and preventing human rights abuses from occurring, in line with the Ruggie Principles. We help corporates develop Human Rights Policies and Statements in line with the UN Guidelines

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Human Rights litigation
  • Human Rights lobby and advocacy
  • Constitutional law litigation
  • Human rights due diligence for corporates and other institutions
  • Developing Human Rights Policy and Statements for corporates in line with the UN Guidelines
  • Land Rights


Messrs MMM represent both public and private clients in matters involving municipal law. The lawyers in the Municipal Law Portfolio have extensive experience in all aspects of municipal law and practice, including land use regulation, environmental law, labour relations, pension matters, procurement, construction contract administration and litigation, real estate, and taxation. The firm represents public clients in both litigation and general advisory capacities. The firm represents several other municipalities and municipal authorities on specific matters.

The team has advised municipal clients with respect to the following:

  • Compliance with legislation and by-laws
  • Zoning,
  • Town planning
  • Subdivisions,
  • buildings,
  • conveyancing and leasing of real estate
  • waste management,
  • environmental laws
  • Joint ventures, Public Private Partnerships (PPPs), BOTs and BOOTs.

Firm attorneys also represent private clients at all levels of the land use process, including permit and plan applications before municipal administrators and zoning officers, quasi-judicial proceedings before municipal governing bodies and zoning and planning boards, and litigation before the courts and tribunals.


Our Firm is solution-driven, and commercially- minded. We understand the challenges that the mining industry face and offer integrated solutions to address them.

We provide our clients with specialist advice on all types of mining related transactions such as:

  • Investment in mining and respective investment licences,
  • Purchase/sale of mineral and mining assets,
  • Exploration & exploitation of minerals,
  • Mining joint ventures,
  • Mergers & acquisitions,
  • Mining rights,
  • Mine development,
  • Structuring of community involvements in mining projects (share ownership schemes etc.) and engagements,
  • Environmental protection,

Advice on the applicability of indigenisation and empowerment laws.


Our Labour and Employment practice assists clients on daily basis in all employment matters, from negotiating, concluding and terminating employment contracts, drafting staff hiring procedures and key performance indicators, drafting codes of conduct and internal regulations, conducting arbitration, mediation and conciliation, and advice on retrenchment processes. The firm has been involved in labour litigation which have contributed significantly to the labour law jurisprudence.

We assist major corporates, trade and labour unions, as well as individual clients in the following areas:

  • Labour litigation
  • Training and compliance
  • Employment contracts
  • Advice on establishing employee share ownership schemes
  • Drafting of Employee codes of conduct, and internal regulations.
  • General advice on sector specific employment codes of conduct and grievance procedures
  • Arbitrating, conciliating or mediating labour disputes.
  • Prosecuting disciplinary matters.
  • Collective bargaining
  • Health and safety compliance
  • Regulatory advice
  • Handling of collective job actions
  • Restructuring, re-organisation, and retrenchment


Our Conveyancing and Real Estate Practice prides itself on being able to offer a highly efficient, professional and affordable conveyancing service. The department has a wealth of expertise in:

  • Transfer and registration of immovable property
  • Registration of usufructuary rights
  • Cession of rights, interest and title in immovable properties
  • Mortgage and notarial bond registrations/ cancellations
  • Notarial deeds of cession
  • Registration of long leases
  • Acquisitions and disposals of immovable property
  • Acquisition and disposal of farms
  • Land acquisition and lease
  • Advice on township developments
  • Advice on zoning, subdivisions and change of land use
  • Removal and placement of caveats
  • Litigation involving transfers, bond registrations and related matters
  • Boundary disputes
  • Tenancy issues including evictions
  • Registration of Notarial documents
  • Compliance issues


Our firm cares for the environment and has policies in place designed to ensure that the firm complements efforts to keep the environment clean. We provide legal representation in environmental matters to our clients across the country, including corporations, small businesses, municipalities and environmental organizations. Our services include environmental law advice in:

  • Socio-economic rights litigation
  • Environmental enforcement actions and litigation
  • Environmental impact assessment and licencing
  • Environmentally friendly, mining activities, including mine closures and rehabilitation
  • Waste management
  • Compliance due diligences
  • Water rights, quality and use
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Forestry management
  • Regulatory reviews investigations concerning animal cruelty;

Wildlife management


We offer our clients the latest and the most appropriate immigration strategies for inward bound and outward bound immigration. We collaborate with some of the regional and international immigration agencies to ensure prompt and efficient services.

Our services include:

  • Processing temporary and permanent residence applications
  • Processing temporary employment permits (TEPs), short term and long term
  • Processing spousal and children permits
  • Processing study permits
  • Handling appeals to the Chief Immigration Officer, Home Affairs and the Courts
  • Handling urgent applications and urgent reviews challenging denial of permits



Recognising that each family law case is unique, we approach each family case from a unique perspective, providing personalised confidential counsel and representation endeavouring to achieve the best results possible in a cost effective and efficient manner. Realising the sensitivity of family law matters, our professionalism, integrity, empathy and compassion helps build our clients’ confidence and trust for the services we offer.

Our services include:

  • Divorce and matrimonial property sharing
  • Universal partnership and unjust enrichment claims
  • Custody, access, adoption and guardianship applications
  • Child and spousal maintenance
  • Drafting prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements
  • Domestic violence suits
  • Mediation
  • Paternity

Ecclesiastical law

We provides a wide range of legal services to churches and ministries across Zimbabwe. Our diverse services include all aspects of Canon law (Church law) of various denominations. Our ecclesiastical lawyers can also advise on how the national laws interface with the religious (Christian) norms, beliefs and values. Our services include advice, lobbying and litigation around:

  • Enforcement of freedom of conscience, which includes freedom of thought, opinion, religion, belief and worship
  • Freedom of assembly and association of various religious groups
  • Crafting and reviewing constitutive documents, rules and procedures
  • Creation, amendments and modification of ecclesiastical and charitable trusts.
  • Application of income.
  • Charity law application

Handling disciplinary cases


At MMM we assist our clients make future plans and decisions about the administration of their estates as well as assist in the administration of the deceased’s estate on behalf of the beneficiaries of the estate.

Our team will assist in:

  • Drafting, interpreting and registration of wills
  • Estate planning including formation, registration and administration of Trusts
  • Deceased estate administration
  • Litigation surrounding succession
  • Obtaining valuations of assets and liabilities,
  • Winding up of the deceased estate
  • Deceased estates tax planning and assessments.

You can count on us to help you plan the future without you and be there for your family during the estate administration process.


We provide a wide range of intellectual property (IP) law services including the following:

  • Registration and renewal of IP rights, including patents, copyrights and trademarks.
  • Enforcement of IP rights
  • Due diligence on IP rights, and IP violations
  • Products design and protection
  • IP Searches at registration centres
  • Commercial agreements relating to IP and franchising
  • IP Licencing


Our Media and Information team champions media freedoms including freedom of expression, right to privacy and access to information.

Our expertise covers judicial review, defamation suits, freedom of information advice, human rights in the media and information field, malicious falsehood, and other regulatory disputes, advice for journalists and publishers involved in criminal investigations and public inquiries.

We represent the rights of individual human rights defenders, charities, NGOs and businesses, and enjoy a successful track record. We focus on proactive counsel to help our clients, especially media houses and journalists, avoid potential problems and costly litigation by identifying potential liability risks that may arise from the way they report and publish.

Our team follows closely media industry developments to keep abreast with the constantly evolving legal issues facing our clients. We also advocate for reforms through litigation and our lobby and advocacy efforts.


At MMM we focus on alternative means such as arbitration, conciliation, and mediation, to help our clients resolving disputes, in a cost effective manner outside the formal court system. Our ADR team members also serve as mediators, arbitrators and conciliators in different areas of the law and in those capacities assist resolve many legal disputes.

We provide professional advice and representation to our clients, in ADR in the following fields:

  • Statutory alternative dispute resolution, such as in Labour matters
  • Engineering, public procurement and construction
  • Environment, planning & regulatory
  • Product liability
  • Commercial litigation
  • International arbitration