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Our Conveyancing and Real Estate Practice prides itself on being able to offer a highly efficient, professional and affordable conveyancing service. The department has a wealth of expertise in:

  • Transfer and registration of immovable property
  • Registration of usufructuary rights
  • Cession of rights, interest and title in immovable properties
  • Mortgage and notarial bond registrations/ cancellations
  • Notarial deeds of cession
  • Registration of long leases
  • Acquisitions and disposals of immovable property
  • Acquisition and disposal of farms
  • Land acquisition and lease
  • Advice on township developments
  • Advice on zoning, subdivisions and change of land use
  • Removal and placement of caveats
  • Litigation involving transfers, bond registrations and related matters
  • Boundary disputes
  • Tenancy issues including evictions
  • Registration of Notarial documents
  • Compliance issues