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The Insurance law attorneys at MMM handle the full range of insurance matters, from the routine to the most complex including:

Coverage Opinions.

As with any contract, the provisions in insurance policies are often subject to interpretation. When a claim is submitted, questions may arise as to the extent of cover available under a particular policy. Our insurance experts assist insurance companies in assessing their liability and making determinations on the limits of cover under various types of insurance policies.

Litigation Services.

At times, insurance coverage issues may not be resolved without litigation. We provide services in a variety of litigation situations which may arise including:

Third-party claims. We are hired to defend an insured when a claim is brought by a third-party against an insurance company’s insured and the insurance company is obligated to provide the insured with a defence.

First-party (Insured) claims. We have experience defending insurers when an insured challenges the insurance company’s decision to deny his/her claim or the valuation of the claim by bringing a claim for breach of contract or a claim of bad faith against the insurer.

Declaratory orders. We assist insurers in bringing actions seeking declaratory orders when the insurer wishes to have its obligations under the insurance policy determined by the court.

Subrogation actions. When an insured’s claim is paid and a third-party is liable, we assist insurers in recovering from the responsible third-party the amount paid to the insured.

Untraced drivers. There are numerous hit-and- run accidents. Victims do not know they have can be compensated. We assist victims of hit-and- run accidents recover under the applicable laws.

Expert Advice.

We provide expertise regarding a variety of policies including:

  • Life, health, accident and property claims
  • No-fault insurance
  • Errors and omissions coverage
  • Professional liability defence
  • Fidelity bonds